Sunday, August 3, 2014

Balloon or Condom Fishing

Richards Bay
Garrick Taces.

The tricks of the trade varies as much as opinions of Sport commentators. There is just no way that two anglers can agree about traces, conditions and bait.

Great was my astonishment in 2007 when I moved to Richards Bay to find condoms in tackle boxes, but balloon fishing is one of the faster growing methods in the channels and of the piers. Almost as wierd as glow stick fishing and putting 100 000's cake mix and silver glitter in your sardine belly bait, called silver bullet.

The newest craze how ever is not using foam to give bait buoyancy, but rigging your Sardine Wrap with a Rattler. Yes something like you give a baby to knock them self on the head while shaking the weapon of mass headache vigorously, but just in a glass tube with two tiny balls inside.

Some how scientist has figured that the metal clanging sound attracts fishes. If it is not bad enough that the Chocka at the local bait shop is just as fresh if not fresher at your local fish monger.

Yes a stanch Rock and Surf Angler will first take his chocka to the beach before sinking his teeth in it the following evening since it is no longer presentable enough for his scaly friends.

Any way now days we have figured out the prawn rises to the surface when the loose their foothold on the ground and hang helplessly just under the water surface before sucked up by predictors like passive feeding Grunters.

That explain the feeding frenzy of Grunters on Top Water Stick Baits, but hardly explains a condom in a tackle box.

Well the Balloon thing is getting drift bait out in the open water where predators will take the bait. Some may say like Kite Fishing. Others will claim its more of a float. What ever your reason please remember to build in a week spot into your trace line for it is a known fact, the bigger the bait the bigger the fish.

You don't want to be tied down with 50lb braid to a 150lb Shark on a Grinder or cheapish multy plier. No use your 50 and 80lb braid on robust sturdy reels that can take the punishment and remember a strong fit angler cannot dead lift 10kg tied to the front of a 10oz rod.

That is why we sell 50lb and 80lb stand up rigs guys .. To anchor your expensive tackle to your body so you can protect your investment with your life.

Tight Lines and Happy Fishing.

By Petrus Viviers
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Outrageous Fishing Charters

Byron Ashington

What a wonderful day at sea yesterday for Outrageous Fishing Charters !! pity about all the sharks, but plenty of Yellowfin Tuna around, with a wonderful catch for my guests Wian Van Dyk and his mates.... 3 yellows ranging 60- 75kg and another 9 younger fish 20-25kg class, some very happy guests...

Well done guys, great bunch...
Looks like the weather is great again next weekend, so book your tuna charter whilst these fish are still around...

Contact Byron on 0837242222...
Have a great week
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Andries with his Garrick

Andries Smit
Venue: St Lucia Beach
Bait: Frozen Shad
Sliding Trace

Remember I did a story on Andries that caught a Salmon yesterday after struggling for two days with the high seas that brought on strong side currents.

The curve ball to yesterdays story is that on day one of the two day struggle he was battling to get live bait to slide. Well Andries had a plan and his secret was to use a frozen Shad out of desperation to make the walk worth while.

Yes many people make a big fuss about Garrick fishing, but the fact is if you don't have bait in the water you ain't got a chance... Almost like Lotto.

Whether Andries is lucky or just plain stubborn is debatable, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating and two days in a row Andries landed a trophy fish.

Thanks for sharing with us Andries hope you get a few more ...
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