Saturday, January 23, 2021

St Lucia Estuary Mouth 2012

 Photo by Hennie Kloppers

Environmental Disaster in the making

St Lucia Estuary Mouth

 Back in 2012 

We did not ask these questions because we did not know the answers. We asked these questions to raise public awareness. It was in the year it became public knowledge that Andrew Zaloumis planned the Estuary mouth shut and we, the small-timers of St Lucia Estuary, were ridiculed by Bussiness owners not to entice negative publicity. 

At this point in time, I already lost my children's inheritance twice and had nothing more to lose only gaining environmental diversity and stability for future generations. Fighting the Establishment as one single organisation was not an option. We had to form small cells working independent and autonomous from each other. This way no single agenda could be peddled and a united front would be established based on facts.

Only an avalanche could stop the systematic Privatisation of The Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park.

It was evident that Marine Life in the system was going to be eradicated and decimated. St Lucia was about to lose its status as a fish nursery to 50% of South Africa's Marine fish species.

See Dr Allan Witfield 
Daily Maverick 

by Petrus Viviers

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